New idea
new opportunity

HIFEC provides various products and services including automatic defibrillator, realizing medical & life healthcare.

New opportunity
new person

HIFEC makes continuous efforts to educate human resources to design happy life.

We wait for every individual to shine in life.

New person
new society

​HIFEC considers corporate social contribution the best core value.

We provide products and services for healthy society,
returning the profit to the society to pursue sustainable social contribution as feedback.

Remarkable changes, made from new

Medical device industry stands at the core of the fourth industrial revolution with IoT, cloud services, and big data, becoming irreversible contemporary megatrend. HIFEC is preparing for the new world incorporating

these technologies with new contents. With new technology drawing attention,
HIFEC talks about human life.

The end of the fourth industrial revolution will be the safe and decent society beyond stage of both technological limitations and providing convenience in human life.


:: Medical Devices ::
AED store Limited was established
Registration for medical device repair and retail business was completed
MOU was signed for supplying AED to Seoul apartment residents’ representative association

:: IT solutions ::
[AED Manager] Planning
:: Medical Devices ::
Completed registration for medical device import business
Registered as YMCA partner

:: IT solutions ::
Patent application of AED Program
:: Medical Devices ::
Authorized agent in TOPCON, Japan
Completed KGMP of Cardiac Science, USA

:: IT solutions ::
[AED Manager 1.0] Development completed
:: Medical Devices ::
Powerheart G5 AED, registered for the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
Powerheart G5 AED, signed MAS contract with Public Procurement Service
Signed contract as an exclusive importer of Aseptico, Canada
Participated in AMSUS, America’s conference for health professionals

:: IT solutions ::
Certified as venture business Completed registering patent for AED Managing program
:: Medical Devices ::
Portable dental unit of Aseptico was registered for the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
Participated in MEDICA, Germany’s trade fair for medical industry
Participated in Eurosatory, France’s defense and security international exhibition

:: IT solutions ::
[AED Manager 2.0] Launched
[Fire Manager 1.0] Launched for fire fighters
:: Medical Devices ::
Participated in Germany’s EMS Exhibition, Rett mobile
Appointed as AED repair enterprise of Seoul for war readiness by Ministry of Public Safety and Security & Medical Command
Participated in U.S. Marine Expo, 2017
:: IT solutions ::
[MY AED 1.0] AED instructional application was launched.
[ECG Manager 1.0] Fast hospital transfer service for acute myocardial infarction patient
Annexed R&D Lab was established
[AED WATCHER] Planning of AED monitoring device started